Killing Fields of Juarez Mexico 1

Monday, November 19, 2007

Killing Women in cd, Juarez mexico

It is time to write about “Las Muertas de Juares Mexico, killing women. because it is not a mystery ora novel it just the worst crime that ever happen in all the world. I compare this to the holocaust’s time. but now it is not against to Jewish people, it is against younger women, but it’s really hard to tell exactly how many there are (the government will never report the real numbers). Estimates vary from 70 per day or 400 per week and according to to National Human Rights Commission Report there was 4,589 young and poor women have been the victims of those violent homicide Since 1993. The killings are caused by domestic violence first, with large number of cases seemly to be the work sexually motivations by serial killers or those criminals who use the bodies for trafficking organs there are Kidnapper, rep-eds, and finally the torture and their mutilated bodies and take organs out of the bodies and left them at the garbage dump or outlying desert areas of the city, and the worst part , is the authorities never make serious actions against the cruel killer’s or ensure women’s safety. it’s a vicious reality and very embarrassing for all the women in the world. I was looking at the movie from Jennifer Lopez and I think it’s far from the reality, it is boring and is not fiction.

You Tube Reference “Ciudad Juárez across the Río Grande river from El Paso, Texas is a large city (1,218,817) in the state of Chihuahua, with approximately 300 Maquiladora plants , over employing 250,000 workers.” Like other industrial border towns, many Maquiladoras (foreign-owned manufacturing plants) have established a presence and act as a magnet for poor and unemployed individuals (mainly women.) For the past ten years approximately 400 women (primarily young women) have been killed, sexually abused, and their bodies dumped in abandoned lots. Authorities have dismissed it and have been reluctant make an effort to find the killer(s).

Another You Tube Video

One of NOW’s priority issues is stopping violence against women. NOW believes that the many aspects of violence against women — domestic violence, rape and sexual assault, sexual harassment, war crime, feminization of poverty, and many other conditions — result from society’s attitudes toward women and efforts to “keep women in their place.” Violence against women is a form of discrimination, and includes violation of the rights to life, physical integrity, freedom, safety and legal protection — rights that are enshrined in the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights; the United Nation’s Convention against Torture and other Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading Treatment; and the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women (CEDAW). These international norms reaffirm the United States’ obligation to classify the crimes of violence against women as human rights violations, as well as criminal brutality. To this effect, the U.S. must work not only to prevent and punish violence against women, but to clarify the truth, ensure justice and provide reparation to the victims.

Please, people from the government, try to stop all those cruel and violence killings that make Ciudad Juarez the worst concentration camp. and do something about it! It is not fair that people who do those things livie in a rich areas, and enjoy very good money for killing innocent younger women. Do justice I ask you. Is the government involved in that? Are they receiving participation for the crimes? What is the problem that too many people suffer!.



muertas de Juarez

Thursday, December 6, 2007

las Muertas de juarez


CIUDAD JUAREZ, Mexico — Authorities in the Mexican border city of Ciudad Juarez said Wednesday that they plan to exhume the remains of more than 4,000 unidentified people buried in common graves and take DNA samples in an attempt to identify them.

Rene Medrano, a spokesman for the Chihuahua state office, said the bodies were being exhumed because state attorney general Patricia Gonzalez “wants to bring order and clarity to past police practices.”

Officials did not provide more exact reasons for the exhumations, which they called part of a statewide project that includes at least 180 exhumations in another city.

Authorities said the project was not directly related to the cases of 360 women killed over the past 14 years in Ciudad Juarez, a city of 1.3 million across from El Paso, Texas.

Victims’ relatives have long demanded that independent investigators take part in the probes, saying efforts by state officials have been tainted by inept officers. Chihuahua state investigators have been accused of losing or contaminating evidence and of other missteps that botched cases.

Authorities’ lack of progress in solving the cases of the Ciudad Juarez women prompted international outrage, as news of the killings made headlines around the world.

Authorities have arrested and prosecuted a number of suspects over the years, but family members of some Juarez victims say authorities have yet to bring the true culprits to justice.

Federal authorities intervened in 2003, promising to solve 14 rape-strangulation cases involving teenagers and women in Ciudad Juarez. The federal attorney general’s office recently closed those investigations, however, without getting to the bottom of what happened.

A team of 30 people, including forensic anthropologists and dental specialists, are already exhuming remains from cemeteries in Ciudad Juarez, Medrano said.

More than 400 women have been abducted and murdered since 1993 in Ciudad Juarez and Chihuahu, Mexico, bordering El Paso, Texas just over the Rio Grande. In a significant number of cases, the brutality with which the assailants abduct and murder the women goes further than the acr of killing. Many of the women are held captive for several days and subjected to humiliation, torture abd the most horrific sexual violence before dying,mostly as a result of asphyxiation caused by strangulation or from being beaten.

by Alejandra Esquinca

Muertas de Juarez.

Ni una muerte mas!

Movimiento global de las mujeres desaparecidas y asesinadas en cd. juarez mex. trabajan sin descanso para obtener justicia ,apoyemos sus esfuerzos, para que se tenga en cuenta a las mujeres desaparecidas, ya que ni si quiera hay expedientes de muertes y de dasaparicion. Ya que no muestran la cifra exacta!, desde 1993. Siendo el “affaire” mas terrible de la historia criminal de todos los tiempos, de rituales inmutables secuestros, crueldades sexuales, mutilaciones, estrangulamientos, cadaveres disfigurados,que se descubren a diario de adolecentes y ninas , por psicopatas cobardemente como “asesinos sin rostro” y haciendo de cd, juares y chihuahua el lugar mas peligroso del mundo! . Existen miles de madres desesperadas por encontrar a sus hijas con gritos de desesperacion y angustia, siendo el dolor mas desgarrador que pudiera existir!, de saber las torturadas. No existe ningun registro que permita establecer un archivo de los cientos de crimenes y la obligacion la tienen directamente los gobernantes de adoptar las medidas necesarias para prevenir y sancionar hechos, ayuden a los que mas lo necesitan, y no a lo que nos mata cada dia la codicia!

BY: Alejandra Esquinca

Killing Fields of Juarez Mexico 2

ni una muerta mas

Many women have been killed or “disappeared“in cd. Juarez an chihuahua
since 1993, many of the victims were raped and mutilated. to date Mexican authorities have been slow to act in response to the horrifying pattern of violence, an alarming number of these cases remain unsolved.
I feel a personal commitment to this cause: I encourage readers to learn more about this grave situation in our borderlands, and get involved with all other organizations to put pressure on the Mexican government to solve these murder.


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Sunday, November 18, 2007

Im not a puppy Mill


‘if you save one dog you want change the world;

but surely the world wild change for the one dog’

The adult dogs spend their entire lives in tiny cages in deplorable filthy conditions that promote viruses and disease. These cages are often stacked on top of one another so that the waste from one cage falls into the cage below. Often the dogs go without food or water for days and are likely to be underfed and in poor health. Dogs’ lay and sleep in their own excrement on wire bottomed cages that cut into their feet. The most basic grooming care is non existent and their hair grows matted and is often infested with fleas. Skin infections, open wounds, ear and eye infections are common and usually not treated. There have been many reports of dogs rescued from puppy mills with toenails grown around in a full circle because they have never been trimmed. These dogs can barely walk.

Starting at six months of age, the female is bred every heat cycle. She is often weak, malnourished, and dehydrated. The females are kept pregnant constantly but receive little veterinary care due to the costs. Smaller breeds of dogs often require surgery to deliver their pups, but don’t get it. This leads to the agonizing death of many females and their puppies. Most females can’t maintain their productivity past their fourth or fifth year and are than a drain on the mill’s operation. If she’s lucky, she’ll be humanely euthanized. More often than not, she will be shot or bludgeoned to death. The puppies produced are frequently of poor quality and ill health. They are often taken from their mothers before they are old enough, in order to be shipped across the country to pet stores. Many die of starvation, dehydration, and/or fatigue on the journey.

During investigations, dogs in outdoor wire cages, living in their own wastes were found shivering from the cold, or with no protection from rain, cold winds, or the blazing sun in the summer. Food was found infested with maggots and drinking water was green with algae. Many animals suffered from starvation and complete lack of water. It is not unusual for a dog to go insane after living year after year in these conditions. Disturbing behavior often caused by confinement includes constant running in circles and self mutilation.

The horror of puppy mills

are the words that chil my heart and turn my stomach. but some people still don’t know the horror of a puppy mill

But some people still don’t know the horror of a puppy mill.

I was living in Tijuana Mexico. where i decided to put a veterinarian clinic, but at the same time was a little shop so I was selling hamsters, and aquarium food. And all the articles for dogs and cats. I made a mission to rescue dogs and cats in Tijuana, and Rosarito, Puerto Nuevo, La Mission. Baja California Mexico., In those places its very usual to find, doggies on the streets and cats because there are too many. We have an animal shelter that one American help them to survive, They receive donations from Petco and Pet Mart. for some of those doggies, but because there are too many, some times it is impossible to help them all. But with my little veterinarian clinic in Mexico I try my best to put vaccinations, and and give dewormers because there is too much sickness there like Hearth worms. Parvo virus, and many problems in the skin of this poor animals. I rescue more than 50 dogs and a for people to rescue them they only have to pay the vaccination or treatments. For I can help others doggies but I have to give all the credit to American people that they are so lovely and nice with the puppies and they rescue so many, and Ifeel so good for those doggies.

One time I received a call from Guadalajara, that they hear about my new veterinarian clinic, and the want to offer me a beautiful doggies. I remember a Bichon Frise, but I have to pay for each one 50 pesos, that is something like 5d lls. so for me it was incredible the price and I make many questions to my self. At the first time I thought it was a joke or a spam. So I don’t pay enough attention. After 10 days the same people call me and I said, I m not ready to do that because I dont know who they are!. But the guy said i send you 5 little puppies for you see them. Immediately after you receive them you have to send me the money. I was little cofused and I said why not . I went to the cargo at the airport in Tijuana ,Mexico, it was very crazy for see them little doggies face at the cages,. I call my husband to send the money, I immediately I open the cages, and my surprise was they arrive super dirty and very skinny with too much diarrhea. The first thing I do was feed them and let them to rest and walk in a safe area. After the flight, the next day Iwake up 5:00 o clock in the morning with my daughter to feed them, and check weight and temperature of each one. I pass liquids, and vitamins to some and to others dewormers so they were up to four days in observation. When everything was looking normal. one of them started to feel sad, with no appetite. I separate from all. I stayed up all night passing liquids with medicine and vitamins. I checked the blood at the laboratories, and I find that little one has Parvo. To me it was like a bomb. In general I am very in touch with all the dogs I rescue and my poor daughter cried like a baby to help that angel with four feet, The first moment I thought to put the doggy to sleep, but when I saw her with eyes like help me, I want to live with you. I never in my life i was felt so helpless. I dedicate all my time to rescue. Finally one day she feel much better. She wakes up to drink water by her self. My daughter and me both make a party together. It was the more nice day to see that. When one puppy has Pparvo virus they usually die. She makes me feel so good.

I have an American friend and a German friend from Rosarito and the three of us try to put our money together to rescue more dogs. If you see how they look in the cages some arrives dead or with too many problems. I rescue eclose to 1000 thousand dogs, We sold only to Americans for they give good care and a proper family. I rescued only half, because the other half died. I feel good because the other doggy’s have a nice family now!.

Maggie Madness The best!

Wowie, well someone is paying attention. BTW, hello to all you Cornwall surfers, anyone see any basking sharks this year?

From the BBC:

Police Disarmed In Mexican Town


Well, okay, but remember they did the same thing in TJ just a little while back? I don’t think it changed anything. Infact, as Mike just pointed out, it got worse.


Police Die In Mexico Convoy Raid


It’s difficult to say who is running the show down here. Any clues? Above pic is Cornwall coast, ah, it must be sweet. Maybe in another lifetime.

See you guys later.

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the Best One!


I am so irrisitible and wonderful so the whole world keep its breath because of me

November 10, 2007 damirott.jpg

I have got so many questions about who I am so OK! I guess I have to tell you just a few small details. Not anything remakable though. Just a little something, i am a very humble woman and person you know.

Well, this is me. Beautiful, ain`t I? I can`t almost understand myself how wonderful and marvelous I actaually am. I dont think anyone can compaire and meter there beauty with mine. I am so beautiful so I almost can mirror in my own shadow. Yes i can say that for sure, my mach does not exist enywhere on this earth.

I am so delightful and pleasing so all men want to be lover of heart with me. And if there is a man near me, gosh, then it woun`t take long before he propose. He can`t hold him from doing it. Yes all gentlemen get so spellbounded and in love with me so they just have to propose.
I have a court of admirer who constantly follow all my steps and paths, always compete with each other who of them who can charme and flirt the most artistic ways with me.

And when my name is menchen i faren countries, they all know who it is who is menchened. The most fairy and irrisitible of them all; ME. Gosh I am so irrisitible beautiful so I can`t even believe it myself…

Some other qualitys i have isn`t that marvelous either. Unpretentious can i briefly just menchen a little of them

Besides that I am tremendes stylish and unbelieveble generous, so it almost hurt, am i also so goodhearted so the ground actually explodes and blom to the fullest of joy where ever i walk.

I am so rare and softhearted so heaven actually lightening it`s stars just to please me. Yes, I can understand if you dont understand how unusual and tremendous wonderful I am. I am like an fariytail of wonder and beauty.

My wisdom is huge, so great so you can almost touch it. Yes, it is the truh, I have knowledge of everything there is to know anything about. Nothing is to difficult for me. Therefor you probably understand that leaders from all over the world turn to me to get answers in the most delicate and difficult issues. And I understand that. It´s because of my extraordinary skills and talented mindset and person. It is just so natural to turn to such a person as I am. And of cause, because of my good heart am i always happy to help them out.

When it comes to music am i a genius. Genius isn`t enough to describe it really. Sparkeling brilliant is more suteble I think. Of cause, I play several instrumen. And when i play the fiddle or the piano, the whole world go silent. Everywhere do people cry for my tones sake, almost as if they where stroke by magic. That happends all the time. My loveble person have this effects on people. I can`t help it. This is just who and what I am

An gifted artist like no one else in this world. It can`t be metered, it is impossible. I am actually divine as a woman. I am a masterpiece, a jewellery in Gods creation. It is I, me, who am the crown of His work. And both people and angeles adore me and everything i do or lay my hands on

And when i paint a picture. O dear, then i paint it so exact so it looks like it is real. Almost as to look out through a window. It is marvelous. The fairytails can`t be parted from reality. But that isn`t strange, this is just who i am and this is the effect my incomparable and peerless personality have on everything around me as i tlod you before

Do you think you know a little about me now? What? That woman above? I haven`t the slightest clue who she is. Lay down in public in her negligee like that, terrible woman i must say.
No,this is me, ain`t i a wonder of beauty? Now you see for yourself how irresistible I actually am.

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