ptbully tranformer


pitbully-transformer.jpgHello, i hope the best for all my readers for next year. We have to try to make a better world with to much love and all the good think that we can do and thing’s that we can’t fix improving little by Little.

1.-I wish to be a good writer every day for all my reader’s, read me more because i have very good surprises for next year and hope.

2.-This year i hope the discrimination is finished and we treat people with respect, understating cultures and appreciation of fellow man.

3- I pray and hope for all the wars to be finished, because there is no reason to destroy each other and other leaders must think in a better way for peace.

4.-I hope the women takes precedent in the government and finish the domestic violence, finish and abuses against her. like in Mexico, Africa, Afghanistan India, Japan China etc. The woman has to be treated with respect and love. I hope the macho world ends and the governments contribute in help for the education for those countries that really needed!

5.-I hope the government of Mexico helps the poor people, giving school and education and stop exploiting kids, families and tourism. I hope we have a good security this year, and finish the narco traffic, and the violence against the woman in CD. Juarez Chihuahua. Mexico. and help our people in the border of Mexico. for all the cruelties experienced that they live by day by day.

6.I hope the government in Tijuana finishes with the crime for a better future.

7.-And to help the global warming we have to contribute, to recycle trash, and contaminate less,

8.-To Mr Bush, I hope he doesn’t continue thinking for more wars or not falling in other recession.

9.- To Hacienda in Mexico ( taxes) stop taxes for people who want to invest more so they give us better work opportunities and improve

the way to live in Mexico.

10.- We hope Felipe Calderon be a good president of Mexico, better than the last ones!

by:Alejandra Esquinca “Ptbully”


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