Killing Fields of Juarez Mexico 1

Monday, November 19, 2007

Killing Women in cd, Juarez mexico

It is time to write about “Las Muertas de Juares Mexico, killing women. because it is not a mystery ora novel it just the worst crime that ever happen in all the world. I compare this to the holocaust’s time. but now it is not against to Jewish people, it is against younger women, but it’s really hard to tell exactly how many there are (the government will never report the real numbers). Estimates vary from 70 per day or 400 per week and according to to National Human Rights Commission Report there was 4,589 young and poor women have been the victims of those violent homicide Since 1993. The killings are caused by domestic violence first, with large number of cases seemly to be the work sexually motivations by serial killers or those criminals who use the bodies for trafficking organs there are Kidnapper, rep-eds, and finally the torture and their mutilated bodies and take organs out of the bodies and left them at the garbage dump or outlying desert areas of the city, and the worst part , is the authorities never make serious actions against the cruel killer’s or ensure women’s safety. it’s a vicious reality and very embarrassing for all the women in the world. I was looking at the movie from Jennifer Lopez and I think it’s far from the reality, it is boring and is not fiction.

You Tube Reference “Ciudad Juárez across the Río Grande river from El Paso, Texas is a large city (1,218,817) in the state of Chihuahua, with approximately 300 Maquiladora plants , over employing 250,000 workers.” Like other industrial border towns, many Maquiladoras (foreign-owned manufacturing plants) have established a presence and act as a magnet for poor and unemployed individuals (mainly women.) For the past ten years approximately 400 women (primarily young women) have been killed, sexually abused, and their bodies dumped in abandoned lots. Authorities have dismissed it and have been reluctant make an effort to find the killer(s).

Another You Tube Video

One of NOW’s priority issues is stopping violence against women. NOW believes that the many aspects of violence against women — domestic violence, rape and sexual assault, sexual harassment, war crime, feminization of poverty, and many other conditions — result from society’s attitudes toward women and efforts to “keep women in their place.” Violence against women is a form of discrimination, and includes violation of the rights to life, physical integrity, freedom, safety and legal protection — rights that are enshrined in the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights; the United Nation’s Convention against Torture and other Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading Treatment; and the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women (CEDAW). These international norms reaffirm the United States’ obligation to classify the crimes of violence against women as human rights violations, as well as criminal brutality. To this effect, the U.S. must work not only to prevent and punish violence against women, but to clarify the truth, ensure justice and provide reparation to the victims.

Please, people from the government, try to stop all those cruel and violence killings that make Ciudad Juarez the worst concentration camp. and do something about it! It is not fair that people who do those things livie in a rich areas, and enjoy very good money for killing innocent younger women. Do justice I ask you. Is the government involved in that? Are they receiving participation for the crimes? What is the problem that too many people suffer!.



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