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Sunday, November 18, 2007

Im not a puppy Mill


‘if you save one dog you want change the world;

but surely the world wild change for the one dog’

The adult dogs spend their entire lives in tiny cages in deplorable filthy conditions that promote viruses and disease. These cages are often stacked on top of one another so that the waste from one cage falls into the cage below. Often the dogs go without food or water for days and are likely to be underfed and in poor health. Dogs’ lay and sleep in their own excrement on wire bottomed cages that cut into their feet. The most basic grooming care is non existent and their hair grows matted and is often infested with fleas. Skin infections, open wounds, ear and eye infections are common and usually not treated. There have been many reports of dogs rescued from puppy mills with toenails grown around in a full circle because they have never been trimmed. These dogs can barely walk.

Starting at six months of age, the female is bred every heat cycle. She is often weak, malnourished, and dehydrated. The females are kept pregnant constantly but receive little veterinary care due to the costs. Smaller breeds of dogs often require surgery to deliver their pups, but don’t get it. This leads to the agonizing death of many females and their puppies. Most females can’t maintain their productivity past their fourth or fifth year and are than a drain on the mill’s operation. If she’s lucky, she’ll be humanely euthanized. More often than not, she will be shot or bludgeoned to death. The puppies produced are frequently of poor quality and ill health. They are often taken from their mothers before they are old enough, in order to be shipped across the country to pet stores. Many die of starvation, dehydration, and/or fatigue on the journey.

During investigations, dogs in outdoor wire cages, living in their own wastes were found shivering from the cold, or with no protection from rain, cold winds, or the blazing sun in the summer. Food was found infested with maggots and drinking water was green with algae. Many animals suffered from starvation and complete lack of water. It is not unusual for a dog to go insane after living year after year in these conditions. Disturbing behavior often caused by confinement includes constant running in circles and self mutilation.

The horror of puppy mills

are the words that chil my heart and turn my stomach. but some people still don’t know the horror of a puppy mill

But some people still don’t know the horror of a puppy mill.

I was living in Tijuana Mexico. where i decided to put a veterinarian clinic, but at the same time was a little shop so I was selling hamsters, and aquarium food. And all the articles for dogs and cats. I made a mission to rescue dogs and cats in Tijuana, and Rosarito, Puerto Nuevo, La Mission. Baja California Mexico., In those places its very usual to find, doggies on the streets and cats because there are too many. We have an animal shelter that one American help them to survive, They receive donations from Petco and Pet Mart. for some of those doggies, but because there are too many, some times it is impossible to help them all. But with my little veterinarian clinic in Mexico I try my best to put vaccinations, and and give dewormers because there is too much sickness there like Hearth worms. Parvo virus, and many problems in the skin of this poor animals. I rescue more than 50 dogs and a for people to rescue them they only have to pay the vaccination or treatments. For I can help others doggies but I have to give all the credit to American people that they are so lovely and nice with the puppies and they rescue so many, and Ifeel so good for those doggies.

One time I received a call from Guadalajara, that they hear about my new veterinarian clinic, and the want to offer me a beautiful doggies. I remember a Bichon Frise, but I have to pay for each one 50 pesos, that is something like 5d lls. so for me it was incredible the price and I make many questions to my self. At the first time I thought it was a joke or a spam. So I don’t pay enough attention. After 10 days the same people call me and I said, I m not ready to do that because I dont know who they are!. But the guy said i send you 5 little puppies for you see them. Immediately after you receive them you have to send me the money. I was little cofused and I said why not . I went to the cargo at the airport in Tijuana ,Mexico, it was very crazy for see them little doggies face at the cages,. I call my husband to send the money, I immediately I open the cages, and my surprise was they arrive super dirty and very skinny with too much diarrhea. The first thing I do was feed them and let them to rest and walk in a safe area. After the flight, the next day Iwake up 5:00 o clock in the morning with my daughter to feed them, and check weight and temperature of each one. I pass liquids, and vitamins to some and to others dewormers so they were up to four days in observation. When everything was looking normal. one of them started to feel sad, with no appetite. I separate from all. I stayed up all night passing liquids with medicine and vitamins. I checked the blood at the laboratories, and I find that little one has Parvo. To me it was like a bomb. In general I am very in touch with all the dogs I rescue and my poor daughter cried like a baby to help that angel with four feet, The first moment I thought to put the doggy to sleep, but when I saw her with eyes like help me, I want to live with you. I never in my life i was felt so helpless. I dedicate all my time to rescue. Finally one day she feel much better. She wakes up to drink water by her self. My daughter and me both make a party together. It was the more nice day to see that. When one puppy has Pparvo virus they usually die. She makes me feel so good.

I have an American friend and a German friend from Rosarito and the three of us try to put our money together to rescue more dogs. If you see how they look in the cages some arrives dead or with too many problems. I rescue eclose to 1000 thousand dogs, We sold only to Americans for they give good care and a proper family. I rescued only half, because the other half died. I feel good because the other doggy’s have a nice family now!.

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