My three best bloggers

the Best One!


I am so irrisitible and wonderful so the whole world keep its breath because of me

November 10, 2007 damirott.jpg

I have got so many questions about who I am so OK! I guess I have to tell you just a few small details. Not anything remakable though. Just a little something, i am a very humble woman and person you know.

Well, this is me. Beautiful, ain`t I? I can`t almost understand myself how wonderful and marvelous I actaually am. I dont think anyone can compaire and meter there beauty with mine. I am so beautiful so I almost can mirror in my own shadow. Yes i can say that for sure, my mach does not exist enywhere on this earth.

I am so delightful and pleasing so all men want to be lover of heart with me. And if there is a man near me, gosh, then it woun`t take long before he propose. He can`t hold him from doing it. Yes all gentlemen get so spellbounded and in love with me so they just have to propose.
I have a court of admirer who constantly follow all my steps and paths, always compete with each other who of them who can charme and flirt the most artistic ways with me.

And when my name is menchen i faren countries, they all know who it is who is menchened. The most fairy and irrisitible of them all; ME. Gosh I am so irrisitible beautiful so I can`t even believe it myself…

Some other qualitys i have isn`t that marvelous either. Unpretentious can i briefly just menchen a little of them

Besides that I am tremendes stylish and unbelieveble generous, so it almost hurt, am i also so goodhearted so the ground actually explodes and blom to the fullest of joy where ever i walk.

I am so rare and softhearted so heaven actually lightening it`s stars just to please me. Yes, I can understand if you dont understand how unusual and tremendous wonderful I am. I am like an fariytail of wonder and beauty.

My wisdom is huge, so great so you can almost touch it. Yes, it is the truh, I have knowledge of everything there is to know anything about. Nothing is to difficult for me. Therefor you probably understand that leaders from all over the world turn to me to get answers in the most delicate and difficult issues. And I understand that. It´s because of my extraordinary skills and talented mindset and person. It is just so natural to turn to such a person as I am. And of cause, because of my good heart am i always happy to help them out.

When it comes to music am i a genius. Genius isn`t enough to describe it really. Sparkeling brilliant is more suteble I think. Of cause, I play several instrumen. And when i play the fiddle or the piano, the whole world go silent. Everywhere do people cry for my tones sake, almost as if they where stroke by magic. That happends all the time. My loveble person have this effects on people. I can`t help it. This is just who and what I am

An gifted artist like no one else in this world. It can`t be metered, it is impossible. I am actually divine as a woman. I am a masterpiece, a jewellery in Gods creation. It is I, me, who am the crown of His work. And both people and angeles adore me and everything i do or lay my hands on

And when i paint a picture. O dear, then i paint it so exact so it looks like it is real. Almost as to look out through a window. It is marvelous. The fairytails can`t be parted from reality. But that isn`t strange, this is just who i am and this is the effect my incomparable and peerless personality have on everything around me as i tlod you before

Do you think you know a little about me now? What? That woman above? I haven`t the slightest clue who she is. Lay down in public in her negligee like that, terrible woman i must say.
No,this is me, ain`t i a wonder of beauty? Now you see for yourself how irresistible I actually am.


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