Domestic violence

when you love some one

Remember those words for ever. Sometimes when you love too much you want hold that person, for all eternity . It’s really good. Personally I think some people were born for each other and meant to live with out problems. It’s magical. Your heart and soul compliment each other. I know times brings difficulties certainly. That is when you really know if that person loves you or not through bad times or good ones. Sometimes it is difficult to understand each other, maybe it is about chemistry, or he or she doesn’t feel the same as you and you lose respect. Then you change personality and control of your temper. It’s not really you! Words turning aggressive, and offensive. Understanding is difficult, because that person who you used to love is not in the same frequency as you! What a painfull love story. Things are not the same as before! It was so beautiful when we met each other that it is almost impossible to understand why, or what happens.

When looks become terrible like a nightmare is when you have to stop.

You are in terrible danger! The possessive people are not really in love! In many cases they impose cruelty or cause death. The bad moment could be in the corner, so don’t be late. You could be in a terrible situation that no human being should be in! Announce your problems to the people you trust and evaluatee your situation and don’t feel compassion. There is no love anymore!


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