Baja Norte

Baja Norte

Powerful and Strong, Wrong words for Mexico’s Maggots

December 31, 2007 Baja Norte, is suffering as is all of Mexico. The violence of the cartels has resulted in the town of Rosarito’s entire police department being disarmed and told to go home until further notice. Guns are being checked to make sure they weren’t used in the attack on the Police Chief a few weeks ago. Tijuana’s force was disarmed a year ago for similar reasons, and now crime is even worse. Many news articles refer to the cause as being the “Powerful” or “Strong” cartels.

Tourism and real estate are dying as a result.

Mexico’s police are famous for accepting bribes to turn a blind eye to criminal activities and lately are suspected in taking part in kidnappings, shake downs and murder. This obviously makes life extremely difficult for the honest career cops and the normal citizen who is not allowed to carry weapons for self defense.

The feds are doing everything possible, but this scourge of lawlessness rages throughout the country, and there are only so many soldiers and federal police, and I am sure some of them are rotten too.

When the green back is more important than life, decency or honor, what can one expect? Not all Mexicans are poor, many are middle class and kidnap targets and victims.

The narcos even have their own patron saint, Malverde. legitimizing their deeds. Songs are song about them, making heroes of the cockroaches they truly are.

There are other countries in the world that don’t have much and they don’t resort to violence. A few years back the cartels are suspected of assassinating a Roman Catholic Cardinal. Mexico is one of the most violent countries in the world next to some societies in Africa.

When no law is respected, man or God’s, show them what power really is. If all the people of Mexico shunned and belittled the Narco warlords and their little minions, and started playing music about how low they really are, as the bugs they represent, then things may change. Make them a laughing stock. They’ll get enraged for a little bit, and when they discover their activities are not wanted or desired anywhere, they may change.

When you are idolized and worshiped, people will make way for you and take your money, when not, you will be as maggots, and change will come because no one likes being a maggot.but i don’t accuse all Mexicans. if the gringos stop to consume drugs, The Mexican they could be finish with his Narcos Corridos y Los ranchos grandes..jaja Robert Roels


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