Go Ahead America


Our friends South of the Border are having a real problem. They want to build a wall on the Mexican border and some Americans want the Canadian border fenced in as well.I think its a good idea.

At one time I loved the USA. My children are Americans.

Yet, it’s hard to love a country that produces weapons of mass destruction (WMD) of both kinds, nukes and biological, tortures people, prisons people without the option of due process (‘ a fair trial’) , has a very high murder and incarceration rate, believes in preemptive military strikes without just cause (no WMD found in Iraq), sells weapons to questionable third parties, does searches and wire taps without warrants, seizes property without just cause, and has the nerve to demand other countries clean up their act.

It would be a good for the Americans to start practicing what they preach.

And the wall between Canadians and the US is a great idea, but let’s not play games. Let it be a ‘great wall’. Better than the wall in China. It would be good for the economy. Tourists will love it and future generations and archaeologists will marvel at the majesty of it all and wonder what prompted this division between two countries.

Maybe one got a little too paranoid, eh?

robert Roels


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