Gringo gazette in Baja norte

Nancy Conroy, the stuff of legends.

January 13, 2008

Nancy Conroy is the editor of the Gringo Gazette in Baja Norte, Mexico. She is leaving Mexico and closing the paper.I have never met the lady, although we have communicated on occasion, and she appears to have a lot of qualities that are rare in this day and age.Her articles and paper evolved from a little tourist infomercial to a an investigative journalist’s platform. In a male dominated society in one of the most violent countries on earth, she had the guts to tell the truth. She researched her articles to insure that the truth were told.

Advertisers left, because of the negative tone of the paper, but in reality, there was not a lot of positive things going on, if there were, Nancy would publish it. Her life was threatened, her newspapers stolen, and she was the defendant in a multimillion dollar law suit whose plaintiff’s were powerful Mexicans. She was also threatened with deportation and incarceration.

She is leaving for business reasons as there is no future in the Gringo Gazette. I am sure that the appeal of Baja has lessened for her as well. It is a changed Baja from five years earlier.

I wish her well. I and many others will miss the Gazette, and I sincerely hope she doesn’t quit journalism. Although she admits that is not her profession, it is her calling, whether she admits it or not.

Nancy, vaya con Dios! Robert roels


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