Que paso en Rosarito

Que Paso En Rosarito ? Weapons License For Policia Revoked

Remember when I blogged that the owner of the carwash ( a former gang guy gone straight) told me that it was the Police in Rosarito that were behind the kidnappings and crime here? Well, apparently he was right. Check out this article just in from La Frontera, and I hope it comes up otherwise I’ll have to type it out because their headlines change constantly:TEXT

Okay, it doesn’t come up. Here it is:

Weapons License Revoked for Rosarito Policemen
By, Fausto Ovalle

Officials of the Municipal Police of Playas de Rosarito may no longer use firearms because the Army withdrew the official licensing for them. According to the commander of the Second Military Zone, the license was collectively withdrawn because of the link and responsibility for crimes committed from Tijuana to Ensenada.

Sergio Aponte Polito emphasized that the police agents of Playas de Rosarito are segregated because they are responsible for carrying out the majority of assaults and kidnappings from Tijuana to the Ensenada area.

He stressed that the Rosarito Police Officers are responsible for providing protection to narcomenudistas (drug dealers) in the fifth municipality, the result of which has caused abuse (violence) in town.

In regard to the Municipal Police officers who have been identified as belonging to organized crime, he noted that there have been two preliminary investigations and that the appropriate (competant) authorities will be responsible for the investigations.


Okay, we’ll see what happens, it was nice not having any touristas around, but the local shop owners are suffering. And I hope this wasn’t just a changing of the guard to save face and get the touristas back, with the same old shite happening all over again.

So, that’s the latest, and we just came back from town – had to get some pepto bismal, but I must not be THAT sick because we also had fish tacos at Reubans. Muy delicioso, much better than the ones in Ensenada. No touristas, but PFP all over the place and they don’t want their pictures taken.


See you guys later.




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