All about War in Tijuana


Heh guys, what’s going on? I’ve been working on our State and Federal taxes all day, they are done thank god,and I was thinking in the back of my head, what should I blog about? It was thrilling to hear the one Judge ruled in Dennis Kucinich’s favor, only to be crushed by the Nevada Supreme Court. What the fuck? What is wrong with the United States? It was so depressing, so I thought well maybe I can post that story of the UFO sightings by alot of people in Texas. Then, of course the story about the ruse over the Iran boats, who would do something like that? What a jackass,courtmartial him, christ, it’s no joke you asshole.But I got a call from Mike telling me NOT to go into Tijuana, which I sort of was planning because I need to take care of those taxes too. It is all out war, and here are the links, from the San Diego Union ( Read first two stories) and Agencia Fronteriza:



Really terrifying and very scary , and what kind of an animal would shoot little girls? Oh, right, the same kind that blew away the Police Officer and his family in Maneadero and wiped out the complete family, including pregnant women and children in Ensenada. Fuck these goddamn cartels, I hate them and this is only going to become worse, just like the days of prohibition. PLEASE, write your Representatives, this is out of control and very soon this abject violence will spillover into the United States. These fucking drugs need to be legalized, and put these fucking bastards out of business. We need treatment and educational programs and we need to shit or get off the pot and stop dicking around here.

See you guys later, I’m pissed.



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