global citizen

Global Citizens

Activists and scientists are propelling a cultural turnaround, but the green revolution is also being forged. this is the real world we like it or not.
Humans beings have not not yet been for seriously affected by the earth’s warning climate,
but according to one of the most comprehensives research papers in the history of ecological studies, the rest of the organism on our planet have been drastically changing on an evolutionary scale University of Texas ecologist Camille Parmesan analysed 866 individual, previewed papers in which changes in species and Eco-Systems were the attribute to changes in climate.
Parmesan found that these so- called biological- impact. studies, put together in a global, context,Show some alarming patters. Spring, for instance,is beginning earlier on all but one continent and in both the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans,affecting flowering, hibernation migration, and breeding. Previously synchronic as well as those between insects and plants, are Franco relationships between predators and pray
as well as those between insects and plants, are falling apart with negative consequences, both for individual species and their great Eco-systems.
the health of rabbit population, for example, directly affects the heath of the animals predator, the hawk, just as tropical fish population depends on their Coral-reef habitats.
Recorded climatic.alterations are pushing species toward the poles, greatly restricting habitat
range and causing once nurturing environment to become uninhabitable.Case studies show that tropical corals and amphibians are already negatively impacted,

white polar bear and high-alpine species have recently become extinct. In conclusion, Parmesan stresses that, while species have in some cases adapted to these environmental changes, there evidence that they will be able to adapt fast enough to survive. to they will be able to adapt fast enough to survive.


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