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Okay guys, are you getting weary of all these crime reports? Actually I wanted to talk about the Nevada caucus. I think I mentioned before that the Democratic race is going to be split with the Latinos going for Hillary and the Blacks going for Obama, and that is exactly what is happening. Barack doesn’t stand a chance unless Edwards and Kucinich throw in the towel and support him, and that is unlikely. And vice versa, Barack and Kucinich need to throw in the towel and support Edwards, who I think is more electable than Hillary. Will I vote for Hillary if she is the candidate in the final general election? Nope. Can’t bring myself to do that.

Also, what went down with the Culinary Union in Nevada? Well, the story isn’t pretty, and I think it is an indication of the diminishing powers of the unions in the United States in general. This is a shame,because at their best, the unions provided protection for the workers, and at their worst, provided slush funds for the gangsters – but we will see more and more of this loss of political clout and power by the unions as the Corporates sweep in and takeover, WalMart is a case in point. So, here is first hand reporting of what went down from the Salon:


Meanwhile,the Federal Police reported finding an arsenal and training facility in TJ, supposedly belonging to the Arellanos. Did they know about this place all along and just happen to discover it after the big shoot out so they wouldn’t lose face? Who knows, but I’m sure there are many more of these places up and down the coast. I wonder if there are any out in Eastlake? Under the article you will see another article of the plans to reinforce local Mexican police, a new strategy. How in the heck are they going to provide extra protection for the touristas ? Seems to me as though they are stretched pretty thin here.

From La Frontera:

Contaban Sicarios Con Centra De Adiestramient


Well, we counted twenty homes for sale on one street in SADM, guess everyone is headed for the hills, which means a couple of things: either the houses will stay empty or be rented out. And, I’m only being realistic here, but rentals in Baja mean TROUBLE.

Maybe we’ll be pulling out a lot sooner than we thought.

Still, no one in the water and you know what that means to a surfer.

See you guys later.


From Agencias Fronteriza de Noticias:TEXT

Okay, so here’s a rough translation, and this is confusing because the title states that the victim appears to be alive and not injured; the information from this source is pretty sketchy, and not detailed. Whether the title means that the guy was released or saved is unclear, so we’ll have to watch this one.

Tijuana, BC January 20 (AFN)

According to the source, Border News Agency, information was released that during the last few hours of Satuday, Juan Carlos Garcia Serrano, the current group leader and coordinator of DARE, was kidnapped south of the city by a group of heavily armed men.

In the later part of 2007, during the previous administration under Kurt Honold Morales, Garcia Serrano served as the police chief of Los Pinos sub-delegation and also as head of the Delegation in La Mesa. Subsequently, while serving in those positions, Garcia Serrano was injured while in pursuit of a group of criminals which left him in a wheel chair due to an injured leg. Despite his condition, he continued to work from his home and monitored radio frequencies.

To date, there has been no official or formal statement regarding this case in an attempt to protect relatives, who have been sheltered in Police facilities (receiving police protection) as a preventative measure.

Okay, that’s all for now, what a mess. Poor Baja, it makes me just want to cry.

See you guys later.

Bye Nancy Conroy, Thanks For All You Did

Robert emailed me a couple of weeks back telling me that Nancy Conroy was leaving, and he shared his correspondence with her. I couldn’t believe it, but of course deep down, I think we all knew this day was coming. I just want to say thank you Nancy for all that you did, I know there are alot of people out there who are gleefully rubbing their hands together, but you know what, they have to live with themselves, and basically, they are assholes. All that is left is the Baja Times, where there is no bad news, and as Mike said, “…they will keep repeating the lies and bullshit until people buy it, hook, line and sinker.” It’s just not going to be the same without you, Baja is sinking into a downward negative spiral and it doesn’t seem very hopeful. Maybe we’ll all meet up somewhere out on the prairie and we can swap stories of the good old days, when life was beautiful here. You had guts girl, best of luck to you in the future. You will be missed deeply. Vaya con dios.

From Robert Roels:

Nancy Conroy The Stuff Of Legends


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