The “Narco Saint” Malverde.

Jesus Malverde is the name. is defender of the poor people and malverde.jpg

is considered by many to be the patron saints of drug dealers. Smugglers bringing drugs across the border from Mexico pray to him to deliver them safely across and carry icons and images of the saint with themFor example, it is said that in Bakersfield, California, 80% of Mexican nationals involved in the drug trade possess at least one likeness of Jesus Malverde: such as on a prayer card, a candle, or a statue. Police in such areas often look for these types of items to see if a person is involved in the drug trade.

But Malverde is more than just a “Narco Saint.” He is revered by many across Mexico and the United States as a protector and defender of the poor. To them Jesus Malverde is the “Generous One,” or “The Angel of the Poor.

The Story of Jesus Malverde

Biographical details of Jesus Malverde are sketchy at best. There is not even evidence to show that such a man ever really existed. However his story, in its various forms, has gone to inspire thousands upon thousands of Mexicans.

The story goes that Jesus Malverde was born sometime around 1870. He lived during the reign of Mexico’s longest running dictator: Porfirio Diaz. During this period, known to history as the Porfiriato, was marked by the influx of foreignors in Mexico, a time of progress for the richest Mexicans but a time of poverty and despair for the lowest classes.

Some people say that Jesus Malverde was a railway worker, or a construction worker, or even a tailor. Whatever his profession, at some point during his career he turned to crime. Stories say that his parents died of hunger, unable even to afford food.

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