who is guilty

who is guilty

The divorce is always sad but who pays the consequence are the kids.

When I divorced from the father of my children it was so sad, Because after that day I understood nothing could be the same.

I have three kids. They understood perfectly how it is going to be. The visits to his house and where they going to study. We never mentioned about them not seeing their father. That could be so cruel for them,. They have to depend upon the mother and the father, for they don’t feel alone and sad. They not guilty. But my little daughter, she suffered too much. She is very difficult to accept changes in the house.. But with love,and nice talk about the father helped her . No matter, I feel the father is father and the ex husband is another subject. No matter how guilty he was or how many times we fight, my Kids was more important. So we understand, his dad is an excellent father and best friend, so everything looks so normal. There are many divorces that finish in terrible terms, but I suggest you finish friendly, it would be better for the kids. Don’t make them suffer. There is to much to deal with in this life to continue with problems. My Kids don’t have the problem, they have a father.

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