Legal Rights?


The American government, they have no more control and their IQ deteriorates at an alarming rate! Seeking to do with their raids towards immigrants, separating families and showing the world what they are.

I think it is time for th.e governments that help immigrants in a decent way in protecting their rights.

What’s with the human rights of every individual?

American government is absurd and intolerant with those living illegally! “Of course for each individual no matter what nationality has rights”

The Bush Administration sounds arrogant, similar to the time of Hitler.

In fact most of the developed Western countries have ratified the International Trades Human Rights at the UN.

Among these are the Convention of the public and civil rights, the convention against torture, the convention against discrimination of women, the convention of Racial Discrimination, the convention on the rights of children.

Surprisingly United States never ratified at the convention of the rights of migrant workers and members of their families.

The US assumes that they are heroes of animal rights protecting the rights of all the inhabitants of the earth and gather big quantities of money with organizations for the care, or extension of animals .. ONLY FOR BIG MONEY.

But this time they have forgotten the most important thing, human rights and racial discrimination. That becomes more hatred against them

It seems Americas pets receive for love, attention and rights than humans because pets are BIG MONEY

Americans are cruel and inhumane. They separate the families of immigrants, and ignore what the Mexican has done for the camps in America..

This country doesn’t think twice about the death of people crossing their borders to attain a better standard of living. I hope that all this will be reflected in their voting, as another “Bush” is not required.

I hope that some day not too distant we can defend with honor and gratitude the immigrant that strives to be better every day.

I am of Mexican origin.

My home country is the transit and destination point for immigrants.


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