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Friday, February 08, 2008


Heh guys, I just got up from a nap. I had to run a neighbor down to Ensenada this afternoon, and we did not see any extra patrols along Hwy.1. Speaking of Mexico, I’ve been hanging out a little bit over at the Union Trib, the reporters there have come up with a couple of very good stories in the past few days. I just wish that someone would do a story on the FARC influence in Mexico, I found one article in El Universal and I’m nosing around, maybe I can come up with something, because it seems to me that the same tactics used by FARC are being used here in Baja. And I don’t like FARC much, despite their so-called socialist appeal, they are a bunch of fascists. Seem far fetched?

I’ve noticed alot of Mex haters over on the forum at Sign On San Diego, and others with good perspectives, or at least realistic perspectives. Maybe I haven’t been there long enough, but it seems to me that the pure anti-Mexican, anti-immigrant group have totally missed the whole picture of why we are having such a problem with immigration in the first place; and I wish they could read this article I’m about to
post for you and I wish there could be some rational discourse on this issue and the issue of legalization of drugs – because until these issues are addressed, it is not going to get better here or in the States, not at all. Infact, it’s going to get worse. And if anyone tells you it’s going to get better, they are full of shit.

So, here from an all time fav:

Immigrants Come Here Because Globalization Took Their Jobs Back There
by, Jim Hightower


So that’s it for now, I have to go see if Dickie put up a tip jar on his blog. We’re having some windows replaced this weekend so I probably won’t be around.

Have a nice weekend everyone, take care.


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