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I don’t know how many of you were raised Catholic, I was. Parochial schools all my life, and talking to people my age who went through the same trauma, despite the fact that many of us rebelled against the Church and its teachings and the brainwashing we underwent, one thing we all have in common: a haunting sense that…maybe they were right, maybe there were some things that they were right about. It just sticks with you, you cannot shake it, good or bad. There is a pulling mysticism and old habits (pun) die hard, if they die at all. Still I like to go into old churches when noone is around and just sit and feel the eternity, the peace. I carry my old miraculous medal with me that I received from Sister Peter in 4th grade, and I still do Novenas occasionally. I pray, I even attend Mass. I even have favorite Saints.

I know all the things that the Catholic Church has done wrong thoughout the ages, I think I know them by heart. I don’t agree with much of the dogma, infact, I downright resent most of it. But, I have always believed in good and evil and that the very essence of one’s eternal soul was threatened by Mortal sin. Now, according to the Church, these would be sins of grave matter with ones full knowledge and complete consent in committing these transgressions – such as murder, pride, lying. I believe stealing is also a grave sin according to the Catholic Church.

We aren’t supposed to judge, but I’m only human so forgive me God, but it seems that George Bush has commited all of the above,if not personally, he was responsible, and now, the black marks on his slate according to the new rules set forth by the Catholic Church will include even more trangressions.

From the BBC

Fewer Confessions And New Sins
by, David Willey


So, let’s see…

He has undermined society by at least supporting drug dealers (Uribe for one), encouraging environmental polluters by not setting environmental standards given every opportunity to do so but refusing, and he definitely has created social injustice which causes poverty and has encouraged the excessive accumulation of wealth by a few.

Let’s just say that if there is an afterlife, a reckoning with God or the Great Spirit, or even Karma, wow George, I’m sure glad I’m not wearing your shoes.


Goodnight everyone.


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