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We watched “No Country For Old Men” last night and it scared the shit out of me, I don’t know why, maybe because we were also having a thunder and lightning storm which added to the disturbing dimension of the film and we’ve been living here in Baja Norte for nearly 15 years with the drug violence all around us.

The unfortunate thing about this article is that it fails to mention the attacks (what are we up to now about 100?) on Americans which include rapes, kidnappings, and carjackings. It also fails to mention the raid on the Ensenada Morgue, where two more police officers were killed while the Cartels snapped up a cadaver, probably because he had an chip implanted with important drug information. (He was a high ranking drug cartel member, killed as his heliocopter crashed at the Baja 1000) Nor does it mention the killings down in Maneadero, nor does it mention the slaughter at El Salzul, nor does it mention how every aspect of life down here is run by the Cartels, from the guy who services their vehicles, to the guys who unload the dope, on and on – and we all know that this is due to the fact that the Mexican government does not provide jobs for her people, only slave jobs at the NAFTA imposed Maquiladoras. The article also does not mention the numerous marches against the violence involving thousands and thousands of the good people of Rosarito and Tijuana. This is highly significant, because it demonstrates that the Mexican people are organizing and rising up and screaming at their government, “We are tired of this!!!”
More importantly, the article doesn’t even come close to mentioning that the tactics used by the Cartels are the very same tactics used by FARC. Gee, I wonder why? In addition, Ibarra is not the Police Chief, so they got their information confused there. The article also does not mention that we lost Nancy Conroy, the owner and editor of The Gringo Gazette, who was a thorn in the side of organized crime, including bullshit developers down here. It was Nancy who was the predominating force to report the stories of Americans who were ripped off, violated and shook down and worse by the cops. It was a only after years of reporting these incidents that the San Diego Union finally began to take notice and report them.

Meanwhile, the Baja Tourist Board is trying to convince Americans that everything is “okay” here, and that includes Ibarra, but it ain’t. One of the consequences of no American touristas means that honest, god fearing and generous legitimate Mexican businesses are going belly up. Still, I don’t blame the gringos for not coming down here, it’s downright scary.

Why are we still here? We’re waiting for my husband to retire. So, all that I can tell you is that there’s noone out in the water, and I’ve been enjoying some very righteous and uncrowded surfing conditions as the bullets whiz by.

I carry my Miraculous Medal with me everywhere.


Drug Trade Tyranny On The Border

by, Manuel Roig-Franzia


See you guys later.



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