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not big deal

…This is a letter to answer the questions to: people from Gringo Gazzett:
owan L. Mayfair L. Mayfair
is sad but is true, my story not only was dogs from puppy mills, I help them from the street’s too.
and i feel sorry for those dogs , people don’t help them!

THE HUMANE SOCIETY OF TIJUANA. is in a very poor conditions and they don’t help to much .only make business with the same breeders. but why only talk about puppy Mills?, why we don’t write about those dogs from the streets? is not big deal? they feel like others too.
also they need care and vaccinations.,
Right now is too much poverty in Tijuana-Mexico. you don’t know what to choose, people or dogs? . i try my best!

I am probably going to sound like a puppy mill,because in Mexico when you say I help a puppy, they assume it is for money, or because you’re
puppy mill.

I didn’t need the money. I came from a good family. I helped my ex-husband to do over a restaurant, . He was so successful. and we are still in a good financial way. I studied my high school in Philadelphia, Pa.

I never tried to make money from puppies, but some times it is necessary to help others. I received phone calls to my veterinarian clinic in Rosarito close to Puerto Nuevo from puppy breeders in Guadalajara, Guanajuato, Celaya, Toluca and some times from Mexico City trying to sell puppies. It is huge that business, for good or bad, I was involved years ago.

My daughter is a fanatic about doggies. That was the way I found the cruelty in the puppy business I was so sad, but my daughter
encouraged me to buy puppies from these people to save them. Sometimes after receiving a puppy from these breeders they were in such sad shape we my daughter and I cried. We took care of them, cleaned them, fed them, gave them antibiotics if they were sick, dewormers for the heart worms and made sure they were healthy and vaccinated. Then we found good homes for them. Some puppies I sold, and a lot a gave away to loving care givers (mostly Americans). Breeders are incredible cruel people.

The worst puppies came from ranches in Guadalajara.

They sold us puppies 80 dlls each. I was curious and because the price was so cheap and the pictures of the puppies so cute my daughter insisted I buy dogs from them

When I picked up the puppies at the airport in the cargo area I discovered puppies with parvo and other diseases.

I spent more on the puppies trying to get them well than I made at the veterinarian clinic. Some puppies I could save and they died. One puppy we had, my daughter and I got attached to and we were heartbroken when it passed away.

I accumulated and bought as many puppies as I could. They had fleas, diarrhea, suffered from vomit ting and other illnesses. I is a crime how they were treated.

I was not the only one. All the vets from Tijuana, Rosarito, Mexicali and sellers from the streets, those and more.

Some sold the puppies the way they received them.

I going to be honest with you. The $5,000 dollars that I saved by buying from the breeders was nothing in compared to what it cost me in medication, special food and care for the sick puppies.

I had a huge house and I converted the master bedroom to a clinic for them.

met an American friend that donated to my clinic too much food from from Petco and Pet’s Smart. Thank you to Dave Benson.

I was giving the dog away with vaccination and dwormers to people from across the border and life in USA because the people were so nice with the puppies.

Any way I was sad. Not many people understood what I was doing and in time you loose more that you can earn.

These breeders who I purchased the puppies from did not spend time or money on the dogs. They were cruel.

really have too many sad and happy stories. This was all a part of my life, and I want to help prevent further, unnecessary cruelty to these unsuspecting animals. in the end was successful for me but not big deal.


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