cancion de amor a mi hijo

cancion para mi hijo

Estoy triste llorando

Esperando a que venga
un nuevo dia
Quizas manana cambie,
mi forma de pensar
Esto es mas que un amor
Es una verdad, es mi existir
si sigo viendo el cielo es por el

te amo y no hay forma de evitarlo siempre
te amare.


En los momentos de soledad que siempre
soy la que perdi.
Para ti hijo , mi hijo ese nuevo extrano
pero no quiero herirlo mas.
Por ello me ire
sin pensar mas en el manana
sere libre, aunque haya
perdido lo que mas ame.


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  1. ptbully
    Apr 05, 2008 @ 01:59:26


    A generation and a half ago, I remember the hotest courses to take were in the Liberal Arts – film as literature, rock n roll as poetry, creative writing, English Literature, American Literature, Oriental Literature, the list went on forever and we were young and idealists, purists really, and we tried to grasp Garcia Lorca and John Donne and James Joyce and the nineteenth century poets sipping coffee out of styrofoam cups or laying on the beach lulled by the sound of the waves and the beat of the pentameter whose lines were blurred by the hot sun and sand which crept in between the pages of soft covered books. What a shock when the emphasis turned to technology and business administration, alot of us were caught dreamy eyed with our pants down, how are you going to pay the rent with a degree in English Literature?

    Sometimes I wonder what happened to the dreamers, the gifted ones, where did they go?
    Was it all just a phase, a flashpoint in time gone forever now?

    Nope. For your reading pleasure, I give you two very talented and gifted writers. By gosh, they live !!

    Enjoy and savor:

    The Tijuana Gringo


    Alejandra Esquinca


    Goodnight everyone.



  2. ptbully
    Apr 05, 2008 @ 02:02:50

    breaking ruels said…

    Hi Maggie: Thank you for be so kind with me, I like poetry because no matter for what I write, I really feel what I write some times. I am negative, also positive, and I so romantic, i love my son more than my own life, and he is far away from me.

    He is a theater actor in San Diego, so he likes the way i express my self to him.

    Thank very much
    for making more public my poem to him. I know you are going to make him proud of me.

    Only you Maggies are a woman who loves and writes.



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