No everything is sad

I enjoy the snow!

A little story: when I was living in Tijuana (Rosarito), three times in a week I had to be waiting in stupid lines at the border Mexico-U.S.A.for too long,

I didn’t work there, and I never liked to live there. Only I make that absurd waiting line, to buy my groceries and clothing, etc.

The last time I was there, they pass me at secondary line,and they treat me with out dignity for the racism the American government suffers to Mexicans. I din’ no like that kid of shit! from nobody especially from prepotens guards in the border of San Isidro and Tecate.

So when they finish the stupid report, I tell the officer.”i don’t need youre visa any more”…..

They were surprise, because it is not usual for a Mexican to turn in a US visa. Here is a Crazy Mexican!

I think was the best decision after my divorce in my life! I am so proud of me!
I’m not a Coward.!!

The situation in Baja, California Mexico start to be worst with, crimes, corrupted police in Rosarito, kidnappings, frauds ect.

I have discovered “Canada”

Immigration to Canada

Yes, that’s me. I am a happy and successful Canadian immigrant.

I made the immigration to Canada
This is my country, it’s in my heart and soul, it’s what I call my home!
People are respectful, with too much education. A country Clean! With good economy!

Now I have my own house, with title not like in Rosarito, Mex. They use extortion for buyers.

I can plant my own food, my dogs, no body steals from me!
and my good bike to make beautiful rides with out problems . I m with a nice Canadian, who really loves me!


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