Puppy hell

Photos: HSUS

After receiving undercover tips from their Tennessee state director, the HSUS set into motion the largest puppy mill shutdown ever conducted in Tennessee. Joined by other rescue agencies including the ASPCA, nearly 700 dogs were tagged and removed from the facility known as Pine Bluff Kennels. After getting checked out by a veterinarian, they will become available for adoption, giving them the opportunity to become family pets. One need only to watch the video to see the life of misery these dogs had been sentenced to… dogs in ill-health, many without adequate food or water, forced to live in filthy, small cages with no opportunity of exercise or human companionship… there to fulfill one purpose only, to procreate. Their offspring would supply pet stores, online brokers and auction houses. So long as there is a market for these dogs, puppy mill operators will continue to run these inhumane businesses. The only way we can stop them is to refuse to buy puppies from pet stores. Please make your first choice a dog from a rescue organization, not a pet store (there isn’t one legitimate breeder I know who would sell their puppies to a pet store). If, for whatever reason, this isn’t feasible, when choosing a puppy please visit the place where the puppy was born. That way you’ll know for sure you’re not buying into the reprehensible puppy mill industry. Together we can make a difference. If you’d like to learn more about puppy mills, please click here to read Puppy Hell published in Modern Dog’s Winter 05 issue.

jFrom the article:modern Dog magazine


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