The leyend of la llorona of Mexico city

. Before the arrival of the Spaniards, the Aztecs called Cihuacóatl, which means in Nahuatl language “snake woman”, synonymous with Tonantzin, “our mother” an Aztec goddess and is said to be walking in the great Tenochtitlán crying and yelling at present the loss of the great Mexican culture. In the colonial era, around the sixteenth century, was called La Llorona. It is said that there was a beautiful woman who married a Spanish military. They lived a long honeymoon, very in love. That love gave birth as a result of four children, who were the adoration of the couple. But the weather was cool what the military felt by his wife, so he began to have love affairs with another woman. When he lost his wife to know why, or who became mad for revenge and deception of their children drowned in Lake Texcoco, and then drown him in it. The military does not know much, apparently died of sadness by the loss of their children. Since then given to the curfew … – What is curfew? -The sound of the bells of churches that announced the arrival of the night and that they should go home. Let us remember that there was no electric light. Well to be the curfew appeared on the streets Colonial a woman who seemed to float, dressed in white and covered his face with a thin veil. Always yelling arrepentida Ayyyy miiis hiiiiijooossss! They say that I saw it became crazy or died instantly. She recorría entire capital of New Spain, waking up and horrifying to those who heard shouting, wailing with some very sad, until you reach the lake and lost in the fog. Until the seventeenth century was still listening to his regret, and even heard some say if any at the mome


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