Who is the pig?

It’s something, really nasty this time.
Who wants to be in bold in things like porks
, porks and porks. Gringo land new news again.

I lived in Canada for 3 years. I have seen all the bad publicity you are giving to Mexico with the problem of “influenza.” They say they are dying as if there are tsunamis. In Mexico there are 107,449,525 people. That puts us at the number 11th ranked behind Japan and followed by Vietnam, with an average of 54.3 Mexicans per square km., Millions of Mexicans. Twenty died of the disease. It is true that people die every day for different reasons. Leave Mexico in Peace. There are many tourists now enjoying the beach without any problem.
I have a flu that may come to stay for three months and I never even visited Mexico.

Do not exaggerate!


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